9. Machine settings

Use this window to set the machine and perform maintenance operations.

General Tab

Configure the settings for the machine selected in the top window.


Machine ID setting
When multiple machines are connected to one computer, it's necessary to set IDs for the machines. Select the machine to use in the VPanel top window.

For detailed operation, refer to the Setup Guide of the model you are using.

DWX-53DC Setup Guide
Initial setting: A
IMPORTANT To change an ID, be sure to follow the procedure explained in the Setup Guide.
Cleaning adapter mode
You can change the setting for blowing compressed air into the adapter to remove milling waste after milling finishes.
Selecting High quality makes it easier to remove milling waste but lengthens the milling time. Selecting High speed shortens the milling time but makes it easy for milling waste to remain in the adapter.
Initial setting: Standard
Dust collector setting
Set the suction power of the dust collector connected to the machine.

For more information on other settings or detailed operation, refer to the documentation for the dust collector you are using.

Initial setting: Low

This setting can be used for the following dust collector.

  • Renfert SILENT powerCAM EC
Machine Information

Serial: Serial number of the machine

Driver: DGSHAPE dental driver version

Firmware Main: Connected machine's main firmware version

Firmware Changer: Connected machine's disc changer firmware version

MEMO When you are signed in to DGSHAPE CLOUD with a DGSHAPE account, you can set the nickname of the machine. Nicknames can be used as identifiers for each machine when you are using multiple machines.

Maintenance Tab

On this tab, you can perform operations related to maintenance, including automatic correction of the milling machine and system reporting. When more than one machine is connected, the machine selected in the top window becomes the target for the operations. For detailed operations, refer to the User's Manual of the model you are using.

DWX-53DC User's Manual


Automatic correction / Manual correction
Correct the ATC magazine position or the rotary axis position. Normally use Automatic correction. Perform Manual correction to increase the milling accuracy.
If a message prompting you to carry out Temperature change correction appears in VPanel, carry out Temperature change correction.
Move to packing position
Moves the rotary axis unit, ATC magazine, and spindle unit to the packing position. Remove the workpiece and the correction jig before performing this work.
Milling area cleaning
Use this button when you clean the machine.
7. Milling area cleaning
Dummy pin cleaner replacement
Replace the dummy pin cleaner. Replace the dummy pin cleaner if it becomes damaged and when the recommended replacement time is reached.
When the dummy pin cleaner reaches the recommended replacement time, a message reminding the user to replace the cleaner will be displayed in VPanel.
Disc changer run-in
Performs disc changer run-in (warm-up), which stabilizes the disc changer operation and maintains the milling quality.
Displays the error window as well as system information such as the firmware version and the total operating hours.
Obtain a file in which the information of the various logs is collected.
Work time displays the work time of the spindle. After replacing the spindle unit, click Reset to reset the value to 0. For spindle unit replacement time guidelines, refer to the User's Manual of the model you are using.
Spindle run-in
Performs spindle run-in (warm-up), which stabilizes the rotation of the spindle.
Spindle replacement
Opens the Spindle replacement window.
Collet maintenance
Continuous milling will cause the collet to become loose, making it easy for the milling bur to come off. Use these buttons when retightening the collet and in other periodic maintenance. Follow the on-screen instructions to perform the maintenance work.
Forced tool release
Forces the spindle unit to release the tool it is gripping. Use this button when the spindle unit cannot release the tool it is gripping.
Emergency tool release
This button is enabled when the machine is turned on while a cover is open. Use this button if the initial operations cannot be performed because, for example, the milling bur is caught on the workpiece.