This section displays the statuses of the adapters inserted in the adapter stocker. Click VPanel_material_scan to read the IDs of the adapters installed in the adapter stocker and to update the adapter statuses.

* The following image is an example. The notations and layout will vary depending on the model used.


: Adapter stocker number

: Adapter ID

: Adapter status

The adapter status is indicated with icons, the meanings of which are listed below.

VPanel_material_deactive: Disc type present (job not sent)
Indicates that a disc type has been set in the adapter.

VPanel_material_active: Disc type present and waiting for milling (job sent)
Indicates that a disc type has been set in the adapter and a job has been assigned.

VPanel_material_non-insert: No disc type present
Indicates that no disc type has been set in the adapter.

VPanel_material_unidentified: Unknown
Indicates that the disc type cannot be recognized.

VPanel_material_scan_error: Error
Indicates that milling has stopped due to an error.

VPanel_material_milling: During milling
Indicates that the job has been executed and the disc type is being milled.

VPanel_material_complete: Milling complete and workpiece can be removed
Indicates that milling is complete and the adapter can be removed from the stocker.