5. BUR

Displays the status of the function (the Intelligent Tool Control [ITC] function) for automatically switching the current milling bur with the set milling bur. Also, hover the mouse pointer over the displayed number to display the name, work time, and replacement time of the milling bur.

The remaining time relative to the replacement time set for the milling bur is indicated with the length of the arc surrounding the number. When the bur approaches the replacement time, the arc color changes to yellow. When the replacement time is exceeded, the arc color changes to red.

When you are using the ITC function, arc colors are faint for numbers to which milling burs that are in milling standby are set.

* The following image is an example. The notations and layout will vary depending on the model used.

Table 1. Closeness to replacement and corresponding display
Closeness to replacement Window display
Unused VPanel_for_DWX_BUR_000
0 to 75% VPanel_for_DWX_BUR_25-percent
76 to 90% VPanel_for_DWX_BUR_80-percent
91 to 99% VPanel_for_DWX_BUR_95-percent
100% VPanel_for_DWX_BUR_100-percent