Compressor (Source of Compressed Air)

This machine requires compressed air. You will need to prepare a compressor separately.


The pressure of the compressed air must be 1.0 MPa or less.

Anything higher may result in a serious accident such as a rupture.


Ensure that the supplied compressed air is not contaminated by water, oil, chemicals, or foreign objects.

The components may deteriorate or rupture, or the contaminants may be scattered, posing a hazard.


Supply the compressed air after the air hose is connected securely.

Failure to do so may cause an accident.

The compressor must meet the following conditions.

  • Control pressure: Between 0.5 and 1.0 MPa
  • Air capacity: 66 l/min or more (per machine)
  • Oil-free type (To prevent contamination of the compressed air by foreign material.)
  • Dryer-equipped (To prevent moist air that can cause rust.)