Connecting the Power Cord


Connect to an electrical outlet that complies with this machine's ratings (for voltage, frequency, and current).

Incorrect voltage or insufficient current may cause fire or electrical shock.


Handle the power cord, plug, and electrical outlet correctly and with care. Never use any article that is damaged.

Using a damaged article may result in fire or electrical shock.


When using an extension cord or power strip, use one that adequately satisfies the machine's ratings (for voltage, frequency, and current).

Use of multiple electrical loads on a single electrical outlet or of a lengthy extension cord may cause fire.


Connect to ground.

This can prevent fire or electrical shock due to current leakage in the event of malfunction.


Connect this machine to an electrical outlet. Never connect this machine directly to a power distribution panel or other such fixed wiring equipment.

Doing so increases the risk of fire or electrical shock.


IMPORTANT The machine ID needs to be changed when connecting more than one machine.

If you will connect more than one unit of this machine to a single computer, be sure to follow the procedure under "Connecting Multiple Units." Connecting before changing the ID may render the machine unusable.