Checks before Installation

Placement and Installation Work

The weight of the machine alone is 120 kg (265 lb.). Unload and place the machine with care.


Unloading and emplacement are operations that must be performed by 4 persons or more.

Tasks that require undue effort when performed by a small number of persons may result in physical injury. Also, if dropped, such items may cause injury.


When lifting the machine, hold the locations shown in the figure.


IMPORTANT Do not grasp the milling area cover, adapter area cover, tool area cover, or dust collection hose attachment port when holding the machine.

Installation Site


Install the machine in a location that is level, stable, and able to bear the weight of the machine.

The total weight of the machine may reach 120 kg (265 lb.) or more. Installation in an unsuitable location may cause a major accident, including tip over, fall, or collapse.


Never install in a location exposed to open flame.

Milling waste may ignite. Powdered material is extremely flammable, and even metal material may catch fire.


Never install the machine close to any flammable object or in a gas-filled location.

Combustion or explosion could occur.


Never install this machine outside or in any location where exposure to water or high humidity may occur.

Current leakage may cause electrical shock or fire.


Position the machine so that the power plug is within immediate reach at all times.

This is to enable quick disconnection of the power plug in the event of an emergency. Install the machine next to an electrical outlet. Also, provide enough empty space to allow immediate access to the electrical outlet.

  • Never install the machine in a location subject to wide fluctuations in temperature or humidity.
  • Never install the machine in a location subject to shaking or vibration.
  • Never install the machine in a dusty or dirty location.
  • Never install the machine in a location exposed to direct sunlight or near air-conditioning or heating equipment.
  • Never install the machine in a location exposed to considerable electrical or magnetic noise or other forms of electromagnetic energy.
  • Never install this machine in an environment where silicone substances (oil, grease, spray, etc.) are present. Doing so may cause poor switch contact or ionizer damage.

Temperature and Humidity

Install this machine in a location that meets the specified conditions for temperature, humidity, and the like. Failure to do so may result in malfunction.
  • Temperature: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
  • Humidity: 35 to 80%RH (no condensation)
IMPORTANT Whenever possible, use the machine in an environment with a constant temperature. Large fluctuations in temperature in the installation environment may affect the milling quality.

Installation Space

Ensure that at least the following amount of space is available for the installation.


Installation Space
Work space
A 800 mm (31.5 in.)
B 900 mm (35.43 in.)
C 1,800 mm (70.87 in.)
D 1,900 mm (74.8 in.)

Ensure that enough space is available to allow the adapter area cover and tool area cover to be opened.


H 912 mm (35.91 in.)

Installation Location Height

The installation location should be above the work floor by 0.6 m (23.6 in.) or more.

This machine is a desktop-type unit. Install the machine in a location that allows easy access to areas such as the power switch during operation.