Installer / Updater [ 2024-03-21, Ver.4.7.1 ]

Ver. 4.7.1 Date: 2024/3/21

[change in spec.]
1. Progress Visibility Improved.

- On the MachineStatus panel, the estimated completion time, remaining time, and elapsed time for processing are now visible.

- On the Job panel, the remaining time and elapsed time for each job are now visible.

2. Language Setting Feature Added.

- Language changes can be made from [Preferences] > [General] tab > [Language].

- Language settings will be applied after restarting VPanel for DWX.

- Available languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Czech.

3. Mail (Deprecated) Feature Removed.

- If you wish to continue receiving notifications by email, please transition to the new email feature.

- A DGSHAPE Account is required to use the new email feature.

4. Software Update Screen Enhanced.

- An orange circle next to the software name indicates that an update is needed. 

5. Proxy Setting Screen Added.

- Can be accessed from [Preferences] > [DGSHAPE CLOUD] tab > [Proxy] > [Settings].


[bug fix] (Following problems have been fixed.)
1. The camera may not automatically connect to the last connected camera.

2. In DWX-53DC, the temperature change compensation screen may not be displayed from the dialog prompting for temperature change compensation.


Ver. 4.7.0 Date: 2024/2/5

[change in spec.]
1. Added new functions for firmware and driver update notifications.

- When the latest firmware and drivers are available for your DWX, the [Software Update] button on the title bar will turn orange.

- On the screen displayed from the [Software Update] button, you can download the latest VPanel for DWX, firmware, drivers and their release notes.

- This new feature can be enabled from [Preferences] > [General] > [Versions] > [Notify when updates are available].

2. Offline and online devices are now easier to understand on the [Machine to Operate] screen.


[bug fix] (Following problems have been fixed.)

1. VPanel for DWX may not start under specific conditions after updating.


Ver. 4.6.1 Date: 2024/1/9

[change in spec.]

1. In DWX-53DC, when milling is started while the camera is not connected, a message prompting the user to connect the camera is now displayed.

2. The appropriate message is displayed when the correction value exceeds the allowable range for manual correction.


Ver. 4.6.0 Date: 2023/9/11

[change in spec.]
1. The disc changer adjustment (adapter replacement) operation on DWX-52DCi has been made easier to understand.


Ver. 4.5.0 Date: 2023/7/10

[change in spec.]

1. With the DWX-52DCi, the disc changer operation can now be adjusted.

* If you want to use this feature, please contact your authorized Roland DG Corporation dealer.


Ver. 4.4.0 Date: 2023/6/12

[change in spec.]
1. In DWX-52DC/52DCi and DWX-52D, be sure to execute [Automatic correction] after upgrading.  

2. In DWX-52DC/52DCi and DWX-52D, [Manual correction] has been added to the [Machine settings] > [Maintenance] tab. 

 See Performing Manual Correction for details.

* [Manual correction] of VPanel for DWX V3.16.1 and earlier has been changed to [Machine settings] > [Advanced settings] > [Adjustments] > [Custom] as of V4.0.0.   

4. In DWX-53DC, [Dust collector setting] has been added to the [Machine settings] > [General] Tab.

- For dust collectors with an interlocking function, the dust collector force can now be set.

5. The [Software update] button makes it easier to know if an update is available.

- If an update is required, the button turns orange. 

6. Release notes can now be checked via the [Software update] button. 
7. When a PC is put into [Hibernate] with an machine connected, a dialog box will now appear asking to restart VPanel for DWX upon resume.

- If the machine connected to the PC is changed while the PC is in [Hibernate], the correct machine information cannot be obtained. 

[bug fix] (Following problems have been fixed.)
1. VPanel for DWX freezes when the tool fails to move to the cleaning position or the initial position in the [Milling area cleaning] function.

2. System menu may not be displayed in the correct location when using multiple monitors.



- The firmware must be upgraded to the latest version when VPanel for DWX is upgraded. ​

DWX-52DC: V240 or later

DWX-52DCi: V210 or later

DWX-52D: V210 or later

DWX-53DC: V380 or later


Ver. 4.3.1 Date: 2023/5/8

[bug fix] (Following problems have been fixed.)

1. In DWX-52DC/52DCi, a job is not canceled even if the cancel button on the [MACHINE STATUS] panel is pressed.

2. In DWX-52DC/52DCi, a job cannot be canceled from the [JOB] panel menu.


Ver. 4.3.0 Date: 2023/4/5

[change in spec.]

1. The font on the main screen has been enlarged and is now easier to see the contents on each panel.

2. When outputting a file, a message now prompts the user to check the power supply of the dust collector.


Ver. 4.2.1 Date: 2023/2/13

[change in spec.]

1. The time taken for each job is now displayed in the e-mail notification sent at the end of milling.

2. Operational stability has been improved.


Ver. 4.2.0 Date: 2023/1/10

[change in spec.]

1. Scrollbar behavior has been improved.

- It can now be operated by touch.

- It can now be scrolled by click.

2.  In DWX-53DC, [Replace Dummy Pin Cleaner] has been added to the [Machine settings] > [Maintenance] tab.

3. The application stability has been improved.


Ver. 4.1.1 Date: 2022/12/2

[change in spec.]

1. The minimum size of the main screen has been changed.

- The application window can now be appropriately sized even on low-resolution displays.

2. The UI of [Milling bur management] > [Milling bur selection] screen has been improved.

3. The current job can now be canceled by [Cancel] while milling is paused.

4. In the DWX-53DC, the ZRB-200D (4 mm radius endmill) can now be used when performing [Machine settings] > [Maintenance] tab > [Manual correction].


Ver. 4.1.0 Date: 2022/11/14

[change in spec.]

1. The Terms of Use have been updated

2. [License information] can now be viewed by right-clicking the VPanel for DWX icon in the upper left corner of the screen > [About].

3. The UI for adding [Receiver Address] in [Preferences] > [Mail] has been changed.

4. The latest version of Quick Assist can now be activated in [Preferences] > [Support] tab.

5. The font size on the [Preferences]/[Machine Settings] screen has been increased.

6. In [Account] screen that can be entered by clicking [Displays the DGSHAPE CLOUD login status.] icon, you can now sign in and sign out of your [DGSHAPE Account].

7. [Version] has been changed in [Machine Settings] > [General] tab to [Machine Information].

- Machine serial numbers are now displayed.

- VPanel for DWX version information has been removed. (Please check the version inforamtion from [Preferences]).

8. [Machine name Setting] in [Machine Settings] > [General] tab has been added.

- The nickname appears at the end of the machine name displayed in [MACHINE STATUS].

- To use the nickname function, registration for [DGSHAPE Account] is required.

9.  In wet dental milling machine, the display under [Machine Settings] > [Maintenance] tab > [Coolant] has been changed to [Coolant tank].

- [Tank replacement time] has been changed to [Coolant replacement time].

10.  In [Camera Settings] screen, camera-related settings can now be configured using [Settings] button in the upper left corner of the screen.

11. [Recording] setting has been added to the [Camera Settings] screen.

12. The size of [Switching the Machine to Display] screen has been reduced.

13. The following changes have been made to DWX-53DC.

- The manual correction procedure has been improved for easier operation.

- Collet maintenance procedures have been improved.

- [CURRENT PHASE] now shows the state of correction implementation.

- A link to [Milling area cleaning]/[Cleaning the Tool Area] has been added to the lower left corner of the [Milling area cleaning] screen.


[bug fix] (Following problems have been fixed.)

1. Material name does not disappear from [CURRENT PHASE] after milling is completed.

2. CPU usage on the PC may increase dramatically when performing certain maintenance tasks.


- When you upgrade VPanel for DWX, you need to upgrade the firmware of  DWX-53DC to V320 or later at the same time.


Ver. 4.0.0 Date: 2022/9/7

[change in spec.]

1. ​DWX-53DC has been supported.

- When you upgrade VPanel for DWX, you need to upgrade the firmware of  DWX-53DC to V310 or later at the same time.

2. The screen has been redesigned.

- The following buttons have been added.

① Preferences: Gear symbol on the title bar at the top of the screen

② Feedback: Heart symbol in the title bar at the top of the screen.

③ Notification: Bell mark in the title bar at the top of the screen.

④ Milling area cleaning: Twinkling star symbol in the tool panel on the right side of the screen.

⑤ Machine Settings: Tool symbol in the tool panel on the right side of the screen.

3. The following functions have been added to [Preferences]. ([Preferences] has been separated into [Preferences] and [Machine Settings].)

- The display can now be switched between [Portrait] and [Landscape] from [General] > [Layout].

-  You can now receive [Notification] by only setting [Mail] > [Mail] > [Receiving Address].

* DGSHAPE account is required to use this feature. An account can be created from the [DGSHAPE CLOUD] tab [How to create an account?].

* Only one DGSHAPE account should be created per company. Please refer to the notes under [How to create an account?].

* The existing email function (Mail (deprecated) tab) will be discontinued in a future update.

4. [Feedback] function has been added.

- You can now send feedback directly to DGSHAPE via a dedicated form by pressing the heart symbol on the title bar.

5. [Notification] function has been added.

- Pressing the bell symbol on the title bar now displays the latest information on DGSHAPE.

6. [Milling area cleaning] button has been added.

- The same screen as [Machine Settings] > [Milling area cleaning] can now be opened from the main screen.

7. [Machine Settings] button has been added. ([Preferences] has been separated into [Preferences] and [Machine Settings].)

- Adjustment/NC Code with decimal point/Override settings have been moved to [Machine Settings] > [Advanced settings] tab.

- [Advanced Settings] is activated by checking the checkbox [Preferences] > [General] > [Show advanced settings].

* Settings that affect milling accuracy can no longer be easily changed.

8. In DWX-52DCi/52DC/52D/42W, the name of [Manual correction] has been changed to [Adjustment] > [Custom].

- In DWX 53DC, [Manual correction] is a different function from the conventional milling position adjustment.