Displays the operation status, name, and time information for each machine. Up to four machines can be displayed.

* The following image is an example. The notations and layout will vary depending on the model used.


1. Machine Name

Displays the name of the registered machine.

The USB serial ID is displayed for a USB connection and the IP address is displayed for a network connection. Network connections are not possible on some models. Refer to the User's Manual of the model you are using.

When you are signed in to DGSHAPE CLOUD with a DGSHAPE account, a nickname for identifying the machine is displayed in addition to its name. You can set the nickname on the Machine Settings - General tab.

Connection method Display
USB connection USB [USB serial ID]
Network connection*1 *** . *** . *** . ***
*1 Network connections are not possible on some models. Refer to the User's Manual of the model you are using.

2. Machine Operation Status

Displays the operation status of the machines with the colors of the square buttons and the text. Each button corresponds to a machine. Click the buttons to change which machine is displayed. A frame is displayed around the button of the displayed machine.

If a machine is registered in VPanel, you can display it by clicking its button even if it is off.

Color Text Operation status
VPanel_icon_status_gray OFFLINE No milling machines are connected/the power of the milling machine is off.
VPanel_icon_status_green READY Milling data can be received.
VPanel_icon_status_white BUSY Operation is in progress.
VPanel_icon_status_red ERROR An error has occurred.
VPanel_icon_status_yellow PAUSE Operation is paused.
VPanel_icon_status_yellow COVER A cover was opened during operation.*2
VPanel_icon_status_blue FINISH Milling is complete.
*2 Which cover opening during operation triggers the COVER status will vary depending on the model. Refer to the User's Manual of the model you are using.

3. Milling Progress

Displays the progress of all the milling.

When milling starts, a bar fills from the left to indicate the progress. During milling, the elapsed time and the estimated time until completion are displayed. The bar reaches the right edge when all the milling finishes.


  • (Elapsed time) / (estimated time until completion)
MEMO When the operation status is READY or OFFLINE, 00h00m / 00h00m is displayed with a progress of 0% (no bar is displayed).

4. Machine Image

Displays the image of the registered machine.

Right-click the image to display the following menu.

Change image
Click this item to display a file selection dialog box. Select the image to display for the machine in the top window. The changed machine image will even be used if VPanel is restarted.

Supported file types: Bitmap, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, ICO

Return to standard image
Click this item to return to the default machine image.

5. Switching the Machine to Display

Among all the machines registered in VPanel, an enlarged view of the currently selected one is displayed in the top window. Click the images of the machines to select them and switch the display of the selected machine in the top window.

6. Switching the Display Format of the MACHINE STATUS Window

You can select between two display formats: the single display, which shows a large image of the one machine to focus on, and the list display, which lists all the machines.

Click VPanel_icon_view_list to switch to the list display. Click VPanel_icon_view_focus to switch to the single display.

Switching 1

Switching 2

Single display List display

7. Canceling Milling

Click this button during machine operation to display the following window.


During milling
Stops the current milling and cancels all the milling data in standby.
During maintenance
Cancels the in-progress maintenance.

8. Pausing/Resuming Milling

Click this button during machine operation to pause or resume milling.

* This is only displayed when the DWX-53DC is selected in the MACHINE STATUS window.

During milling
Click VPanel_icon_list_pause to pause the current milling. Milling data will not be canceled.
When milling is paused
Click VPanel_icon_list_resume to resume milling.