6. File Output

Add and remove milling data and change the order of this data. The set milling data appears in the JOB. Click Output to start milling.

For the detailed procedure, refer to the User's Manual of the model you are using.

User's Manual


The Output a file window displays the data in milling standby. These files are also displayed in the JOB.

Adds milling data to the list.
Removes milling data from the list.
Top priority output
Outputs the milling data as the next data when the outputting of the data being milled finishes.
Outputs the milling data.
Cancels the outputting of the milling data. This is only displayed when there is data being milled.
VPanel_for_DWX_Output_Up VPanel_for_DWX_Output_Down
Change the output order of the milling data selected in the list.